Friday, April 25

Blue Gingham

I hope some of you managed to enjoy the bank holiday a bit more than I did, I literally spent the whole weekend at work but I managed to have a rare evening off yesterday and snapped up some pics. Now gingham jeans have been on my wish list pretty much since they hit the shops and I decided to wait and treat myself when my loan arrived! A few days after I bought these I saw Primark had starting selling a similar pair and kicked myself, this literally happens to me all the time. However on my last trip into Primark I managed to get my hands on a pair and they are very unflattering and large on my small frame so I decided to keep these Topshop beauts...hands up Topshop do the best jeans!

I love this outfit because its quite casual but at the same time throw on a statement necklace and grab a clutch and your ready for a night out! The shoes are my newest purchase and I love them in every way, I am worried about them getting dirty as they are so white but with the ASOS 25% off code I found, I just could not resist them! My shoe addiction is starting to get out of hand....way, way out of hand! 

Primark Sunglasses



  1. I love this look!

    Claudia xxx


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