Thursday, July 10

Tropical Topshop Bralet

This has got to my favourite outfit to date I love the combination of everything I'm wearing and each individual piece on its own. Surprising that my favourite outfit involves pink as I'm generally not much of a pink person but hey ho. I'm sure you would have all seen this bralet from Topshop by now I have had it for quite a while but I've been waiting for this shirt to come back in stock to finish the outfit as the weather isn't quite warm enough to just wear this skirt and top. I have been obsessed with this blouse since I first saw it and I have been patiently waiting for it to come back into stock to snap it up. The shoes are La Moda and they are so summery with the perfect heel height I can just tell I will get so much wear out of these. Finished with my trusty pink coat just to finish the look. You know what they say pink to make the boys wink!!

P.S. Excuse the chipped nails. 

La Moda Shoes
New Look Coat
Primark Rings



  1. Love how you've styled the bralet and the shirt together!x

    1. Thanks, wasn't really warm enough to just wear the bralet and I've been dieting to wear it! x


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