Monday, December 5

Festive Bucket List

Christmas is my absolute favourite time of year! Standard Christmas day for me is surrounded by my nearest and dearest, eating as much as possible and being merry. This year its even more special because I am moving into my first flat with my boyfriend and I literally cannot wait. So I've decided to put together a festive bucket list of everything I want to do before the big day comes. 

1. Build a gingerbread house
2. Go Ice Skating 
3. Make a homemade gift 
4. Spend the evening watching christmas movies
5. Bake some festive cookies and peppermint bark
6. Attend a christmas carol service 
7. Hang stockings
8. Roast marshmallows and make s'mores
9. Spend an evening drinking homemade hot chocolate 
10. Kiss underneath the mistletoe 
11. Drink mulled wine and eat mince pies 
12. Watch the nutcracker ballet
13. Make an advent calendar for someone 
14. Decorate a real Christmas tree 
15. Give a secret gift
16. Make my own wreath
17. 3 random acts of kindness
18. Take a walk admiring all the Christmas lights
19. Send Christmas cards 
20. Wear a Christmas jumper
21. Visit a Christmas Market
22. Get back in contact with an old friend
23. Host a winter dinner 
24. Donate to a shelter or foodbank 
25. Take more photos 
25. Start a new Christmas tradition

What's on your bucket list?


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  1. This is super cute! There's so many good things on this list, I've got a goal of taking more photos this year too, and carol services are the best to feel Christmassy!

    Emily -


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