15 Photos to Inspire a Visit to Prague

Prague is one of those destinations which is often over looked when choosing a holiday but I believe it should be on everyone’s bucket list. Famed for its cheap beer, Prague is the perfect stop for a boozy stag or hen do but this is so much more to see in this stunning city. Whether your a student on a budget or a couple looking for a luxury break then Prague is the place for you. The city itself is extremely photogenic with pastel coloured buildings and cobbled streets at every turn. You don’t have to head far to catch panoramic views of the entire city which will take your breath away. 

The architecture in Prague is ornate and intricate with original details at every turn. Supposedly, Hitler intended to retire in Prague as he loved it so much so he saved it from total destruction during WW2. It is also rumoured he spared the Jewish Quarter planning to turn this into a museum of an extinct race one day. So unlike many other places in Europe, Prague remains mostly intact post-war and a lot of the buildings and features you can find today are original. The best way to explore the city is by foot, getting lost in Prague’s many picturesque squares and winding streets. The historic city centre is on the Unesco World Heritage list where you can find a blend of different architectural styles dating from the 11th century right up to the 18th century. From Romanesque to Gothic, Renaissance to Baroque you will find all of the different styles blended into this medieval city centre. 

Prague is perfect for those travelling on a budget coming in relatively cheap when compared to its European neighbours. Whether you visit for a week or a day, make sure you move this charming city to the top of your bucket list. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words so I thought I would share 15 of my favourite photos from our recent trip to Prague and let them do the talking for me.

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