15 Things I’ve Learned Since Becoming a Cat Mum

This month me and Gavin celebrate our three year anniversary but I also celebrate three years of being a cat mum. If you don’t know we have two cats, Jamie and Charlie. Jamie is a rescue cat who was hit by a car and taken in by the RSPCA before Gavin adopted him. He is a proper mummy’s boy and is scared of loud noises, tin foil and bin bags. And the hoover. Charlie was adopted when his mother unexpectedly had kittens. He is a daddy’s boy through and through and is the more dominant out of the two despite him being youngest. Before we moved in together I had no idea how much personality they had as I had only really seen them eat, sleep and poop. Since I’ve lived with them I’ve noticed all their little habits and traits which just make me love them more and more. I thought I would do something a bit different today and share 15 things I’ve learnt since becoming a cat mum. 

1 . My photos reel use to consist of 95% food with 5% selfies but since adopting my these two its more 95% cats, 5% selfies with cats…

2. Cat’s don’t just have one name – they have more names then you can possibly imagine. Charlie, Chaz, Chassy B, Bubbah…the list goes on but I think the funniest part is that they respond to every single one in one way or another. 

3. You can spend all the world buying them fancy cat beds and snuggly blankets but they will still insist in sleeping on your pile of fresh washing instead.

4. Every-time you go shopping you will find yourself gravitating towards the pet aisle but no matter how fancy or how shiny a toy you find they won’t play with. Instead they’ll opt for tape measures, oven gloves and door mats as their favourite toys.

5. Talking to the cats becomes normal especially when the other human isn’t here! I always say goodbye and hello to both of them and you can usually find me jabbering away to one of them most evenings. 

6. You may as well throw your alarm clock away because you won’t be needing it now you have cats. Usually around 6.30am every morning Charlie begins his breakfast song as we call it and there is no way in the world to make it stop other than to get up and feed him.

7. Cats don’t actually meow to communicate between themselves, they have learnt to mimic a baby’s cry so they will only meow to communicate with humans. 

8. Always make sure you have cat insurance because vet bills are incredibly expensive. A 2 night stay can cost well in the thousands depending how much treatment they need so having insurance covers any nasty surprises. We found out just how important this is.

9. Cats will become very emotionally attached to their owner and you will find yourself becoming equally attached to them. You’ll find yourself forgiving their (regular) bad behaviour no matter what their newest crime is. 

10. Contrary to popular belief cats actually have a lot of personality which differs vastly from cat to cat. Their little faces are so expressive and are such a give away as to how they are feeling. 

11. Nothing is sacred anymore – absolutely nothing. They understand right and wrong but they just choose to ignore it and all those hard to reach spots you don’t want them to get to, they will, even if it’s by levitation. 

12. They become more than just a pet, they become your very best friends. They will need a lot of your time and attention but it is all worth it. In the end they become so much more than just a pet-they are family.

13. There won’t be a day that goes by where they don’t make you laugh one way or another. Even on the really tough days they always manage to make you squeeze out a smile or two. 

14. They make any house feel like home, even the ones where the landlord doesn’t know they live there and you have to take them for day trips to nanny’s every time there’s a house inspection. 

15. They love you unconditionally no matter what you might do or how you may be feeling – nothing changes how they feel about you! Plus there really is no better feeling in the entire world than kitty snuggles. 


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