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” Fashion is art and you are the canvas”  [image source]

Fashion blogging can be a pretty daunting affair especially for those fresh on the blogging scene. Unless you’ve got bundles of cash and a wardrobe the size of Buckingham Palace its just not realistic to be spending hundreds on throwaway fashion trends each and every month. If you plan to start like this it won’t be long before your credit card is maxed out and your sat eating beans on toast in your trendy new garms, only for them to be out of fashion a few weeks later.

I have always been a self confessed shopaholic and anyone who knows me will tell you I own an INSANE amount of clothes. Now that I have moved in with my boyfriend there is limited space in our little abode for my collection and so I am having to streamline my wardrobe and fast. This also means I have even less left in the bank each month to splash out on disposable fashion trends. Plus lets face it, once you really start adult-ing you basically live in workwear and then PJ’s anyway. So there isn’t really a need for three identical skirts all in different shades now, is there?

Fashion is all about interpretation, its about expressing yourself through what you wear and its about how you wear it that can really finish an outfit. You won’t gain instant street cred just because you spent your life savings on the Chloe Faye – although it might gain you a couple of hundred Instagram likes if nothing else. You might gain some if you styled that £18 Primarni bargain everyone is raving about but in such a unique and individual way that makes you stand out from the crowd. Everywhere you look nowadays there is advertising in the mass market encouraging us to spend, spend, spend, at every corner. In reality we’ve all got bills to pay and ASOS wishlists the length of the Great Wall of China and we simply cannot afford it all.

This is the idea behind my new series reWORK your wardrobe. Each month I am going to focus on a new trend and each week I’ll be creating looks based on items I already own. For the majority of us its just not realistic to spend hundreds of pounds each month on the latest fashion trends and I want to show you that with a little up-cycling and accessorising, you can still dress to kill without spending an absolute fortune. I am still going to be buying new items and incorporating these into my everyday wardrobe but I am focusing more on staple items which can be styled in different ways as opposed to one off pieces which don’t tend to stay on trend for very long.

The trend I have picked for January is metallics and I am starting off by styling accessories. I picked up these shoes a couple of years ago from the New Look sale for £12. They were a spur of the moment purchase and I never really wore them until late last year. The culottes are another sale purchase but this time Dorothy Perkins supplied the goods at only £7!! They are classic and chic and I am obsessed with how fab they look and how easy they are to style. The bralet is a simple zip back Topshop affair which is pretty standard but really finished the look making this both classic and party ready – exactly what I was looking for.

Everything worn in this outfit was styled out of pieces I already owned and fits perfectly with my own personal style and the current trends. Make sure you check back soon for the next instalment and please share any of your styling posts in the comments below.


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