2018 Goals – A half year update

Every year when January comes around I like to set myself goals along with the other 99% of the world. In 2017 I was very optimistic and set myself far too many. This year I took a more lax approach and decided to set myself six goals which I really wanted to work on. Now that we are just halfway through the year I wanted to do a little update on how I am getting on with everything and just have a little refresh and refocus.


At the beginning of the year I decided to make the jump from blogger to wordpress and I am so happy that I did. WordPress is more user friendly, much easier to navigate and has so many features to allow you to really play around with the look and feel of your page. I feel like I am going from strength to strength and I have even received my first paid post in collaboration with Royal Caribbean. Working in a difficult job the last few months has really motivated me to concentrate my time elsewhere and I’ve really enjoyed falling back in love with my little space on the internet.


When I initially wrote my goals for the year I knew it was time to move on from my current job. I spent the first few months applying for everything and anything relevant to my experience and I have now managed to land myself a dream opportunity which I am due to start at the end of the month. I am incredibly nervous about navigating my way around a new business and a new environment but I am buzzing to get my teeth stuck into a new challenge and explore a world of new opportunities.

cruelty free

I’ve really enjoyed my cruelty free journey so far and I’ve enjoyed discovering a whole host of new brands to swoon over. I’ve cleansed my entire makeup collection and switched my entire haircare routine to cruelty free alternatives. Im just using up the last little bits of skincare I had left and then my entire beauty collection will be cruelty free. This is without a doubt the best decision I have made and if you`re planning on doing the same I would highly recommend picking up one of the limited edition vegan Glossybox’s if you are after some inspiration.


I feel like i’ve been trying to sort out my finances for years but my 27th might just be the year I start getting my shit together. We’ve tightened up on our monthly outgoings and we’ve cleared all the little dribs and drabs we had spread around. This is officially the last month we have credit card bills to pay off and then we only have the one personal loan left. We’ve still got a long way to go to clear the loan but sticking to our current plan has really shown us what we can achieve when we set our minds to it so I know we will have it knocked down in no time.

new goals

As you can see I’ve been smashing through the goals so far although I haven’t done so well on the reading front as I have only managed 12/50. I’ve started reading for 30 minutes before bed everyday to relax my mind and switch off which has really helped me unwind. I’ve donated all the books I’ve read or am no longer interested in and also picked up a couple more on the way and I can feel myself falling back in love with reading once again. I have taken more photos but I don’t think my photography has improved much and I am struggling to find my own style. I am 100% going to look into a workshop or something to help me find my feet in the photography world and build my confidence.

At the start of the year I signed up to do a short-course in bookkeeping followed by my CIMA certificate level with a plan of being fully qualified before turning 30. The last few months I have really struggled and working in a toxic environment has really drained all my mental energy. Now that the end is in sight I’ve got a new sense of determination and I fully intend to pick up where I left off.

For the next 6 months I want to continue as I am now and just put my all into my new job because this definitely has a world of potential and has unlocked so many doors for me. I am excited to see what lays ahead for me!

What are your goals for the next 6 months?


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