25 Things To Do Before I Turn 25

Apologies from being a bit MIA from the blog for the last week or two, it was birthday last thursday and I have been out celebrating with a few million tequila’s!! I can’t quite believe how fast time seems to be whizzing past us nowadays: how are we in 2015 already? Where has all that time gone? I look back at my fourteen year old self – sat in my best friends room, talking about the handsome husband and flash car i’d be sporting by my mid-twenties, with my career in full swing and a mortgage under my belt. My life right now could not be farther from this *face palm* I am now 24, living at home with no license, no flash car, no prince charming and my career? – I’m still working on that one! Although I am nowhere near figuring out what I want to do with my life yet, I am determined to focus on myself this year and really spend some time figuring out my next steps and just enjoying life. So thats kind of the basis for this post – a list I am setting myself of 25 things to before I turn 25. 

Manage my money – 2015 is the year I finally grow up, get a grip on my radical spending habits and finally put my debts to bed. Considering I am only 24 I have had my fair share of credit cards, store cards and overdrafts but in the last few months I have really concentrated on clearing these and I now only have my student overdraft and credit card left to pay. If I follow my 6th month plan by June I should be debt free and ready to start planning my first adventure. 

Travel – Since I have finished University my desire to travel has become stronger each day but I have told myself no big financial commitments until I am completely out of debt. Instead I spend my days on Pinterest and travel blogs lusting over the beautiful places in the world I could only dream of visiting. This year I want to put some of these plans into action and travel to three different countries at least!

Make an investment – After getting on top of my finances and finally becoming debt free I plan to treat myself to splurge item..I’m thinking Louboutins, Levi’s or a designer handbag! 

Open a Savings Account – I have never owned a savings account before as me and money don’t tend to stay together for very long however, now is the time to start putting money away for my own place and my future…scary stuff.

Give money to charity – I have never been in a position where I could afford to comfortably give money to charity but now that I am, there are several causes I will be making monthly donations to as I fully believe in them and what they fight for. 

Career progression – I may not know what I want do with the rest of my life, but for right now I have set myself certain goals within my current position and will be sitting down to create a 6 month plan in the next few weeks.

Exercise – Although I will not be running out and joining the nearest gym with all its fancy equipment that I haven’t a clue how to use, I would like to start light exercises at home on a regular basis just to improve my health and potentially see a personal trainer about my diet and to start a weights programme (if you have seen my weedy twig arms you will understand ha).

Learn another language – Languages were never my strong point at school as I hated my French teacher and Spanish got dropped as a GCSE option so there was no opportunity to learn another language fluently. I have always wanted to learn either Italian or Spanish and so now its time to take the plunge. 

Read more – Technology and social media play such an important role in day to day life that more often than not people forget to take time out to read. Since I discovered the Ibook app on my iPad I have started reading every night before bed and have rekindled my love for gritty, crime thrillers and a good old-fashioned love story. 

Learn to bake – Cooking is something you inevitably pick up when going to University and spending time away from your parents and although I’m am no Delia Smith I have picked up a few tips on the way and can successfully cook a meal without poisoning anybody – WIN. Baking on the other hand has never been my strong point from when I put salt instead of sugar into my ‘leaving cupcakes’ in Year 6 to my failed pancake attempts last year. I think even Mary Berry would have a challenge on her hands as far as my baking skills are considered but what can I say God loves a trier!

Volunteer – There are several charities which I fully support and have always wanted to support but I guess time restraints and immaturity with money have always stopped me. I’m not saying I want to quit my job and become a fully pledged campaigner but I would like to start volunteering and giving back as much as I can.

Learn to sew – My Aunty recently gave me her old sewing machine and I plan to recycle some old clothes and just have a general play around and see what I can create. Well after I remember how to thread the machine…

Scrapbooking – This is something I have done since Primary school although I have to say in previous years I have become very lazy. After watching Lily Pebbles video about starting a ‘Project Life’ scrapbook it has given me a burst of inspiration I will 100% be picking one of these up ASAP to carry on my favourite hobby. 

Go to a music festival – Aside from my gap year, this will be the first Summer where I don’t need to work my ass off to save for the coming months back at College or University and I fully intend to enjoy them. I intend for this to be my last summer as a carefree youth and I want to go all out and what better way than a music festival. I have only ever been to Reading Festival as it’s round the corner from my house but this year that’s all going to change. 

Take more risks – I am a very logical person who has a plan for pretty much everything and absolutely loves making list. Unfortunately this means I am often to scared to try new experiences and just really take a risk so I’m determined to start being more impulsive and trying as many new experiences as possible. 

Go on a blind date – Dating is not my strong point, in fact I don’t think I have been on a date in over two years now. The though of dating scares the shit out of me and although I have a date lined up with someone I have met once before, I consider this a blind date so I can very nearly tick this off my list…as soon as I pluck up the courage to arrange the date and actually go!!

Spend more time with the people that matter – This may sound like a slightly odd one but last year I feel like I wasted a lot of time on people that didn’t matter, that didn’t care about me and quite frankly didn’t deserve my time. This year I am focusing on all the positive people in my life and spending as much time with them as possible, enjoying all the little things in life. 

Take more photos – I use to take thousands of photos but in recent months I have become very lazy and just can’t be bothered. Now that I have a new camera and a scrapbook to start filling, I will be snapping up at every photo opportunity. 

Learn to say ‘no’ – I can be quite shy in certain situations and I avoid conflict by any means possible which often means I find myself saying yes to pretty much everything. I need to be more firm and more confident in myself and start saying no when I don’t agree with something or someone. 

Blog – My blog is my little baby and I have so many ideas swimming around my little head that I just need to buckle down and start writing. I am dedicating more time to my blog every week now so you can expect to start seeing more from me from now on. 

Stop hoarding – As you may have seen I am a bit of a spendaholic and I have accumulated a lot of stuff in my 24 years of living. My second biggest problem is I hoard everything and struggle to throw things away. This weekend I am having a massive clear out and sorting out everything I need to sell, give away and bin: time to get my life and my bedroom organised.

Become a morning person – This could be harder than I anticipated as my shifts are constantly changing and I can go from closing the restaurant at 1am to starting work again at 10am. I am not saying I want a daily routine but not spending my whole day off sleeping would be perfect. 

Turn the internet off – I find that social media plays an important role in the promotion of my blog but sometimes its nice to just take a break from the internet just to spend time with family or friends or spend quality time relaxing! I for once will be spending less time on the internet for sure. 

Take a class – I am one of those people that has to constantly be challenged else I get bored very easily. I am looking at starting some new hobbies and learning some new skills and what better way than by taking some classes. Once I decide in what I will let you guys know but i’m thinking either photography or beauty related are high on the agenda.

Celebrate my 25th Birthday in style – I am sure there will be a lot more tears next year as I reach a quarter of a century but I plan to party so hard I can’t even remember my age.

What’s on your bucket list?

Tanya Noreen XO



  1. February 22, 2015 / 10:15 pm

    Such a nice post idea! I'm already 25, but I have lots of things I want to accomplish before I kick that bucket (awful pun, sorry!). I'd love to run a marathon, travel more and start up my own business!

    Alice from Alice Grace Beauty


    • March 1, 2015 / 11:34 pm

      Thanks! I think travelling should be on everybody's bucket list! xx

  2. February 22, 2015 / 11:24 pm

    This is such a good idea. I'd definitely like to volunteer, as well as travel more and take more photographs whilst I'm at it! I have a few years before 25 yet but maybe now's the time to make my own list!

    Sammy xo.


    • March 1, 2015 / 11:35 pm

      It's never too early! Plus theres that satisfying feeling when you cross something off the list as you really feel like you've accomplished something! xx

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