30 things to do before turning 30

As the big 3 0 draws closer and closer I thought I would write myself a bucket list of 30 things to do before turning 30. With 3 years to go until the big day I’ve got plenty of time to try my hand and dabble in a few things before its time to knuckle down and the real adulting begins (pffttt who am I kidding like that’s ever going to happen). I made one of these lists before turning 25 and I really enjoyed looking back and seeing how much I had done.  So I thought I would start a new bucket list for the next 3 years, here goes!


1 – Travelling is one of my favourite hobbies but unfortunately it’s had to take a bit of a back seat at the moment while we get back on our feet again financially. Last year I set myself a challenge of visiting 30 countries before turning 30. This is still something I want to achieve and even though we can’t book anything at the moment, that hasn’t stopped me planning out all the new places I want to visit. You can read the full list here. 

2 – I seem to spend a lot of time planning out different road trips. Obviously one of us would need to have passed our driving test before we can go ahead but I am hoping for my 30th we can go a mini road trip around Europe or maybe even in the States as Route 66 has been on my bucket list forever.

3 – Since visiting a cruise ship and seeing how much there is to do on board, I think a cruise would be the perfect chance to relax and take some time out as well as visiting a bunch of different places. I don’t think I could take a long cruise as I like the freedom of being able to come and go as I please but I’d look to do a short one at some point in the next few years.

4 – Since being with Gavin we have both fallen in love with travelling and visited many different cities together with many more to come. I love exploring together and spending time with him but I’d also like to have a girls holiday in the next few years. Whether its a long weekend relaxing on the beach or a city break exploring a new city, just a couple of days away soaking up a new culture with my favourite gal pal’s.

5 – So far I’ve visited Euope and North America but I would love to visit another continent. Asia is next on my list with a long list of places I want to visit including Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo. Hopefully I can visit one of the places before the big 30.


6 – I have recently started studying towards my CIMA certificate level with an aim of being fully qualified by my early thirties. I don’t want to set myself an unrealistic end date but I think I should be able to complete all 3 levels and the short course I am currently studying towards in the next 4 years. I am not even 100% sure that by the time I finish the qualification if this is still what I want to be doing but I am excited to start studying again and to have something to work towards. 

7 – I have been saying for years now that I want to learn sign language and I think it is something that every one should know at least the basics. I’ve seen lots of courses and teach yourself books so this is definitely something I want to focus on in the next few months.

8 –  Self defence is so important as everyone should be able to feel safe. With my non-existent arm muscles and lack of knowledge into any kind of self defence, in an emergency situation my best point of call would be kick and run. I would like to feel slightly safer so self defence classes are something I have been looking into.

9 – During secondary school we were forced to learn French for 3 years before choosing our options and leaving languages far behind. After failing abysmally at the French language I decided not to learn any other language. However, after several trips to Berlin i’ve picked up little bits and found it easier to understand and follow so I want to try and teach myself basic German.

10 – Driving has always been on the bottom of my agenda as i’ve always lived close to town and public transport so I’ve never really needed to drive. Now that we’re looking at starting to save for a mortgage we`re looking at locations which means it would be pretty helpful if one us could drive. I’ve taken lessons before so I only need a refresh but just to speed things up I will probably just book an intensive course 


11 – Photography is a huge part of blogging and it’s something that I have been working on a lot over the last few months. Although I am happy with my progress I ultimately want to be able to shoot in manual mode and work on my editing skills. I stumbled across a teach yourself photography book in my local charity shop which I picked up some time ago but eventually I’d like to attend a masterclass or workshop aimed at photography and getting the most use out of my camera.

12 – Knitting is a hobby of mine which will always hold sentimental value after my great grandma taught me back when I was younger. I signed up to Simply Stylish Knitting as a good way to improve my skills and to create a beautiful, handmade patchwork blanket. So far I am on my 4th square and really enjoying it. I always start projects which I never finish but I am determined to make this the first project I complete.

13 – I’ve always had a fear of open water which stems mainly from the fact that I am not a strong swimmer. I can trend water for about 5 minutes before my stick arms give up all hope and overall I am just not very confident in the water. I want to start swimming maybe once a month to build up my strength and to build my confidence in the water.

14 – Last year for my birthday Gavin bought me a vintage chess set which we’ve never actually got around to playing. Now that he is in a regular 9-5 job we have a lot more free time together and so I want to start playing chess again. I used to play all the time when I was younger and it’s definitely a skill that has been long forgotten in this new digital age. I do think sometimes we need to remember to put our phones down and enjoy life.

15 – I have had my Project Life scrapbook for about a year now with bits and pieces from our trips together and just generally everyday life. I want to finish the book I have which although may sound like a mammoth task, I have hundreds of photos printed off and ready to go, I just need to find the time to sit down and make some pages.


16 – I have never been on a Spa Day but whenever friends and family go one they always come back so relaxed and renewed that I definitely want to look into more treatments. I am hoping to book me and my mum a spa day for her birthday with a massage included which will be another first for me. I also want to go for another facial as the last one I had was absolutely amazing. 

17 – Since finishing The Night Circus  and completely falling in love with the Greatest Showman, I have developed quite an obsession with everything circus related. My mum said she took me once when I was about 5 but as soon as I saw the clowns I cried and she had to take me home. Although I am still not keen on clowns I would like to visit another circus and sit beneath the big top and experience the show for myself. The Cirque Du Soleil is at the very top of my bucket list and has been for some time now.

18 – Although I am not the biggest fan of the outdoors I have been dreaming of sleeping in a tree house since I was about 5. Seeing all the different incredible small spaces people have created, I am intrigued to try out some unique places for a night away from normality.

19 – I’ve been toying with the idea of a long hike for a while now I just need to decide where I want to do one. When were in Positano we looked at doing the path of the Gods but unfortunately we weren’t there long enough! I just need to decide whether I want to head back here for a hike or try one in the UK like Snowdonia.

20 –  I much prefer trains to flying and recently I seem to spend so much time looking at all the picturesque train journeys from all over. I’d love to go aboard the Orient Express for a few nights but as we would basically have to sell a kidney to afford it, I am determined to find a more affordable option. I think at the moment the Caledonia Sleeper is a very strong contender.


21 – In January I opened a savings account and started the 1p a day challenge. So far I have about £50 put aside and its nice to see it steadily growing day by day. I’d love to save more but until we clear our debt I can only afford little bits here and there but even still some savings are better than no savings. Hopefully starting off with small amounts will help me later on when we start putting aside for a mortgage.

22 – Debt seems to be a recurring factor on all my to do lists but after a poorly kitty and a last minute moving decision we didn’t really have much choice. We’ve consolidated everything we owe into one affordable monthly payment to make it easier to keep track and now we are just focusing on paying off as much as we can each month. It’s going to be a long ride but I reckon in 3 years we could easily have it all cleared and be completely debt free.

23 – Once we have paid off all our debt we then intend to start saving for a mortgage. I imagine with the current climate, and the extortionate house prices in Reading it’s probably going to be about 12567 years until we can actually afford to buy our own place but for now we are staying optimistic.

24 – Now this one is a little naughty as we are focusing on paying off debt but with the money I am putting aside into my savings account I am planning on splurging on a designer item at the end of the year. After seeing Victoria’s Strathberry collection and missing out, I may just have to splurge on another piece from their incredible collection or who know’s maybe by then there will be a second collection!

25 – One thing that would have come in really hand last year during the shitty months would have been a rainy day fund. We keep saying to each other we will put aside £20 a month into a separate savings account but neither of us have actually done it yet. I think this is something we definitely need to work on to reduce the chances of us needing to borrow in the future.

In the meantime

26 – My hair is pretty long and pretty flat and boring. It doesn’t help that I have absolutely zero creativity when it comes to hairstyles so you will usually only see me sporting hair up or hair down. The last time I had it cut short was when I was 16 but recently I’ve been thinking about it more and more especially as we start moving towards warmer weather. I am giving myself a couple more week before I make the final decision but I plan to donate my locks to the Princess Trust eventually.

27 – At the beginning of the year I was reading everyday before bed and getting through so many books which have been on my to be read list for a while now. Recently I’ve started slacking but I love reading and this is definitely something I want to continue. I set myself a yearly goal of 30 books but I want to reach 100 by my 30th birthday. I’ve been keeping track of everything via good reads which is perfect for searching for new books.

28 – I would love to overcome a fear in the next few years as I am sick of letting my fears hold me back. One of my biggest fears is heights which I have started trying to overcome little steps at a time. Last year I went on a ferris wheel for the first time which may not sound like a big deal to most but for me it is a massive step. I can’t say I particularly enjoyed the experience but its a step in the right direction. Next I want to tackle rock climbing as I think being secured to a rope and being inside may help calm my nerves (or at least that’s what I am hoping).

29 – My blog has been a tiny piece of my life now for many years but it’s only in the last 12 months that I’ve really started putting in a lot of effort. I love having my little slice of the internet pie and I feel like I am going to burst with all the ideas and plans I have. I am excited to continue on this little journey and I can’t wait to start working on all my ideas and making them a reality.

30 – Go after my dreams. Something I have learnt in the last few years is that dreams are not unachievable..it just depends how hard you are willing to work to get there. You won’t get anywhere if you don’t have a bit of self belief.


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