5 Cruelty Free Bloggers you need to Follow

Going completely cruelty free can be a daunting idea when you think about how many different products you use everyday and how much you will need to replace. If this is something that you are serious about then take your time to do some research because I guarantee you would be pleasantly surprised about how many brands you can find on the high street that are cruelty free. One of the main problems I found when looking around online was that a lot of the big cruelty free bloggers are also mainly in the US so often a lot of brands aren’t available here or you need to order online.

This doesn’t really work for me in terms of everyday items that I need to be able to pop into town to pick up, as I like to have a play around and swatch the different colours to see what they will look like with my skin tone . So I went on the hunt for some UK cruelty free bloggers who can give me some inspiration and recommendations for brands and products to try. I thought today I would put together some of my favourite cruelty free bloggers so if you are thinking of joining the club or you already have then these are some lovely ladies you can check out for some serious inspo!

The Curvaceous Vegan

Amie’s blog is a gold mine of cruelty free recommendations with the added bonus that her Instagram feed is serious goals and she is possibly one of the loveliest humans I have ever come across since I started my blog. I’ve never once been disappointed with a product I’ve tried based on her recommendation and she is my go to gal if I am ever needing any advice or tips on brands to try or products to choose.


Marta is a recent discovery after I stumbled across her Instagram feed and then her youtube channel. I love her videos as she is just so down to earth and easy to watch and her makeup tutorials are super easy to follow. The looks she does are absolutely insane and I always feel so inspired after I’ve had a binge of her videos.

Cruelty Free Becky

I actually found Becky’s blog through twitter one day when I was first thinking of going cruelty free and needed some help with brands I could easily get my hands on. She has a ton of helpful guides which I found really useful in the early days and I always seem to find fab product recommendations on there.

Toasty Writes

Beth covers cruelty free beauty on a budget which is right up my street. I would love to be able to splurge on all the Hourglass and Too Faced products but alas my bank balance says no! But I have found so many great reviews or brands I haven’t even heard of before that I am now desperate to try out.

Vegan by Nicole

Nicole’s blog is a an absolute gold mine for cruelty free converts! There is so much helpful information and she also runs the VeganBeautyGirl Instagram page which features vegan and cruelty free products regularly. Whether you’re after independent brands or want to know the big fishes to follow then Vegan by Nicole will have the answer.

Who are your favourite #cruetlyfreebloggers? Leave them below as I am always on the hunt for new people to follow.


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