5 days in Berlin – The Outfits

I originally intended on uploading all my looks from Berlin separately but when we got home I realised that all the photos we had taken were on the wrong setting and so they are all tiny and cannot be re-sized. Instead I thought I would just throw them all together in one post so you can everything I wore during our week in Berlin. This was my second time visiting the city in the Summer so I knew what to expect weather wise although we did have a couple of days at the end of the trip where the temperature’s reached over 35° and we had to grab a couple of bits from Primark in order not to completely overheat. 

At the beginning of the trip the days were a lot more mild so I opted for jeans and cami during the day. White jeans are perfect for this weather because they keep you cool and are super easy to style. My biker jacket was a staple throughout the whole trip as well as this geometric print cami from River Island which I could throw on with jeans and be good to go. I opted for comfort over anything else because some days we were spending hours walking around before heading back to the room.

During the first few days the daytime were optimum temperature for a city break. Not too hot that you got all sticky walking around and carrying anything but hot enough that you didn’t need to worry about taking a coat. On the milder evenings a lightweight coat sufficed so I often took my lightweight trench coat out with me if we headed out for an evening. This particular evening we headed to the East Side Gallery to admire the murals painted directly onto the remnants on the wall. We finished the evening with a quick bite to eat from Burgermeister before heading home. 

One evening we headed up the Fernsehturm to have dinner in the revolving Sphere restaurant located 207m above the city. We had an incredible meal in this incredible setting and it gave both of us an excuse to dress up. This was my favourite evening of the entire trip and my favourite outfit.  

Another evening we headed on a evening cruise around the city however Gavin accidentally booked us onto a German speaking cruise so we didn’t understand a word of the commentary but the scenery was beautiful nonetheless.

On the last few days in the city the weather really warmed up and we weren’t really prepared for it at all. I picked up these denim shorts and this playsuit from Primark while we were away because one day we had to stop halfway through the day for new clothes because we were sweating so much. It was a very unexpected heatwave but we enjoyed a couple of days of sunning ourselves, although I wouldn’t have lasted much longer at such high temperatures. So that brings me to the end of our week in the beautiful city of Berlin. We headed home with an extra suitcase full of clothes and loot we found at the local flea markets but more about that another time. 


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