About Me


I’m Tanya a twenty something daydreamer currently living in Berkshire. I’m an avid wine drinker who could take for England given half the chance. I’m a serial spender with an absolute obsession with booking holidays and hunting for deals. When I’m not planning my next adventure I’m probably splurging on highlighters I don’t need and all the metallic make-up I can find!

I originally started my blog as a creative outlet whilst studying for my Law degree. Since then it has developed into my own little corner of the internet where I mumble about pretty much everything and anything.

I struggle to stick to a niche so you will find a mixture of beauty, fashion, travel and lifestyle.


All thoughts on tanyanoreenxo.co.uk are my own and all products are purchased by myself unless otherwise marked with an asterisk (*). I will only accept products from brands that are of genuine interest to me and are consistent with the theme of my blog. I will always post honest reviews whether the product is gifted to me or not and the opinions expressed will be my OWN and only mine.

I use affiliate links throughout to gain a small comission on any purchases made from click through’s. These links will not draw from the reader experience and should not affect purchases or upload speed. I do not use follow links anywhere on my blog.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at tanyanoreenxo@gmail.com.