Chill* Ed Repair Reconstructing Haircare

The Chill* Ed Repair 3 step programme was generously gifted to all attendees at the previous Southampton meet up back in August last year. The 3 steps are a reconstructing shampoo*, conditioner* and treatment* which are designed for people with sensitive scalp and hair. The rich ingredients used such as honey, milk protein, keratin and silk amino acids leave a hydrated, healthy finish with a gorgeous shine. The shampoo and conditioner are a match made in heaven, with the shampoo cleansing the hair, and the conditioner nourishing and smoothing the hair and restoring hydration. The treatment is deeply penetrating and designed to be used on freshly washed hair to repair chemical or heat damage. You leave the treatment on for a minimum of five minutes before washing out to leave your hair feeling brand new with amazing lustre and shine.

I have long, fairly thick and dry hair which can be lifeless and damaged from my over use of heat products in my teenage days. I tend to only wash my hair about twice a week as I find it to be such a chore and I like to leave my hair to air dry which takes hours! I start off by applying a dollop of shampoo about the size of a 50p piece and massaging into the hair for two minutes. I mainly focus on the scalp and top area of my hair, making sure I get a thick lather before rinsing out. I then apply a dollop of conditioner about the same size again, but I focus on the ends and mid sections of my hair. I massage this into the hair and leave for up to five minutes whilst I finish showering before rinsing out. To finish the three step programme, once a week I will towel dry my hair and then apply the reconstructing treatment. I tend to leave this on for about fifteen minutes (usually whilst I have a face mask on for the ultimate pamper) before rinsing out to leave my luscious locks healthy looking, shiny and nourished.

I have now been using this programme for a few weeks and I love the results I get. My hair is so soft and nourished – it basically feels brand new. The products are both paraben and sulphate free meaning they eliminate frizz leaving luscious, tamed and shiny locks that smell absolutely divine. I love the metallic look of this range and the tube style packaging make these so convenient for use in the shower. Overall, I would highly recommend this range if your hair is dry or damaged in any way and I will 100% be repurchasing.

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