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Since I was about 14 I have had my eyes on the designer handbags taking over the fashion scene. The first bag I ever added to my wish-list was the iconic Chanel classic flap bag which I could only dream of owning. Since then my attitude to designer handbags has changed, and although I do spend a lot of time lusting over the gorgeous designs, there are only a handful that I would actually splurge the cash on and use. If I am going to spend that much money on bag then it needs to be practical, easy to style and perfect for everyday wear. Today I’ve compiled the top 5 bags on my wish-list so hopefully I can look back one day and cross each one off as it’s added to my wardrobe.

The Chloé Faye Bracelet leather and suede should bag

I’ve had a love affair since I first laid eyes on a Chloé Faye shoulder bag in person in Copenhagen. Since then I’ve been trying to work out how I can afford to buy a bag for myself and pay my rent each month. Let’s just say I don’t see this happening anytime soon. I’ve since bought dupes for the Faye, Nile and Pixie bag because I love the style but I just can’t justify the price tag on my budget. One bag I am yet to find a good dupe for is the Faye Bracelet bag which I think is the perfect size for Summer and I love the mixture of suede with leather and gold hardware and I just NEED this bag in my collection. I am hoping to have saved enough to pick up one next year so watch this space!

Cult Gaia Luna Bamboo Bag

After seeing the iconic Ark bag all over Instagram last year I don’t really know anybody who didn’t have one of these beautifully crafted wooden masterpieces on their wish-list. Although I absolutely love the style on other people, I am just not sure its something that suits me and so I settled for a dupe of the Ark clutch which I’ve shamefully never used. Since then I’ve since fallen in love with Luna and I just know I will end up with one in my wardrobe. I love how unique their pieces are and the bamboo shoulder bag is the perfect accessory for Summer.

Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Backpack Mini

I’ve never really bought into Louis Vuitton before as I sometimes think the signature print can be quite overbearing on larger pieces but when I spied the Palm Spring Mini Backpack on Instagram I was completely sold. The perfect size for everyday use with adjustable straps, I just know I would get so much wear out of this staple bag. For now this stays on the “if I win the lottery” list but who know’s maybe one day I will have my own.

Céline Mini Luggage Handbag 

The bag that my dreams are made of, the Céline mini luggage handbag has been seen on all the fashionista’s all over the world. In my eyes the design of this bag is iconic and this would fit straight into my wardrobe for everyday use. I love the style, the size, the shape, there isn’t much about the bag I don’t like it – well besides the price tag. For one of my milestone birthdays I would love to treat myself to a designer bag, now all I have to do is decide which one to pick up first!

Vintage Chanel Classic Flap Bag

The bag that started my love affair with designer handbags back way back when I was a teenager. This iconic bag is probably one of the most sought after designer handbags on the scene and I for one have been lusting over this magnificent piece for a good ten years or so. I love how classic this bag is, how timeless the design and all the classic features the bag has. This is the first bag on my wish-list but probably the last I will ever be able to afford – a girl can dream right!

What designer handbags are on your wish-list?

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