Evening Skincare Routine

Most evenings I barely manage to change into my pyjamas before falling into bed and straight into the land of nod, let alone spending 25 minutes on a skincare routine with a trillion long and complicated steps. As with my morning routine I prefer to have a quick and easy evening routine which I can get through in 5 minutes and optimise my sleeping time (if you work random shift patterns you will fully understand).

I prefer to take my eye make-up off prior to cleansing my skin because sometimes I find mascara can be stubborn to remove as I prefer longer-lasting solutions. I love the Sephora Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover which is perfect for my sensitive skin but removes even the most stubborn of make up. Depending on how heavy my makeup is sometimes I will remove the top layer using a micellar water such as the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water however, usually as i’m half asleep I will go straight in with a balm cleanser. My all time favourite cleanser at the moment is the Merumaya Melting Cleansing Balm which is so gentle on the skin but leaves no greasy residue and has the most luxurious feel without the high-end price tag attached. The texture of this balm is divine and the smell is so relaxing and comforting during my evening routine. It leaves my skin baby soft ready for the next steps and I am yet to try another cleanser which has given me the same results.

When it comes to serum, moisturiser and eye cream I prefer to use the same products as my morning routine as I’ve found using too many different formulas on my skin just causes me to break out and clogs my pores. I’ve found Lancôme to be the most effective skincare for me so far and I look forward to exploring more products they have to offer.

Finally as the cold starts setting in I like to exfoliate and moisturise my lips for the morning. I picked up this 5 Night Fix for Lips from Bite Beauty with my last Sephora order which contains a lip scrub and a lip mask. I am not crazy about the scrub as I find the granules to fine and they do not exfoliate as much as I would like so I tend to stick to my trusty Lush lip scrubs, however, I am obsessed with the Agave lip mask. This thick overnight mask leaves my lips soft, nourished and repaired and a little goes a long way with this product so this tiny tube has lasted me ages. I’ve tried thousands of different lip balms, chap-sticks and lip creams but none of them work as well as this mask so if you suffer from dry or chapped lips I would definitely recommend picking one up next time you can.

What do you use in your evening routine? 

Tanya Noreen XO


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