Freakshakes at Orange Rooms

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If you don’t know what freakshakes are then you must have been living under a rock for the last few months – but just in case – let me fill you in. By definition they are monster milkshakes full of calorific goodness! Imagine ice cream, sprinkles, whipped cream, milk bottles – the works! They’ve been popping up here, there and everywhere so when Orange Rooms* introduced their take on freakshakes, the Sotonbloggers couldn’t miss an opportunity to pop down and check them out.

Orange Rooms is a quirky cocktail bar in Bedford place offering possibly the most dynamic drinks menu and a vast array of street food from around the world. They have several themed rooms which you can hire out for special events and a very chilled, sophisticated vibe. Personally, Orange Rooms is one of my favourite bars in this area as the staff are always welcoming and friendly and the food speaks for itself. On this particular occasion I opted to go straight in with my freakshake but I would highly recommend you check out their food menu if you`re in the area. The nacho chicken wrap is the bomb and their tiger fries are simply divine!

If you`re looking for something more on the sweet side then you`re in the right place! You can choose from a choice of three flavours: Vanilla topped with a doughnut; Strawberry topped with a jam tart or Chocolate topped with a muffin and they even offer a dairy free option too. You would think that after demolishing one of these bad boys you would be left in a sugar induced coma, but they are in fact the perfect balance and not too sickly at all…although I did have to have a break before attempting the doughnut! Afterwards we spent the afternoon catching up, planning the first episode of Made in Southampton (we think it will be a massive hit) and just generally having a laugh and relaxing. It was the perfect event giving everyone time to get to know one another and have some much needed relaxation.

A huge thank you to Orange Rooms and Alice from Sotonbloggers for organising the event.

orange room interior fish tank
strawberry freakshakes topped with a jam tart
close up of jam tart on strawberry freakshakes
group shot of bloggers at the event

Tanya Noreen XO

*Complimentary experience in exchange for review. See disclaimer

 All photos supplied by Rachel over at Illustrated Teacup.


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