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One of my biggest worries when going cruelty free was replacing my current haircare because none of the brands I knew and regularly used were cruelty free. I finished up the last of my L’Oreal products and then went on the hunt for an affordable alternative. When perusing the aisles of Superdrug I stumbled across Noughty Haircare offering a bunch of products in the dreamiest pastel packaging. Whether you’ve got dry and frizzy hair, curly or wavy hair or fine or limp hair – they’ve got you covered.

Noughty products are 97% natural with the remaining 3% made up of the preservative system stopping the products going off after opening, emulsifying agents which stop the ingredients from separating and fragrances which leave your hair smelling delish. All of their products are SLS free and suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans with no petrochemicals, parabens, sulphates or silicones used. I actually have quite dry and frizzy hair so I opt for sulphate free products whenever possible. This made the whole range absolutely perfect for me now all I had to do was decide which products to try first. To start off I picked up two products to try out: the Detox Dynamo Shampoo and the Intensive Care Leave in Conditioner.

Detox Dynamo Shampoo

When I picked up this product this was actually marketed as a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner which is what intrigued me but this has now been renamed as a clarifying shampoo which is much more suitable. Although I absolutely love the product and how it leaves my hair, I did find I sometimes needed to use a conditioner afterwards, especially when I first started using the product and my hair was still adjusting to the natural ingredients. I’ve since used up 3/4 quarters and my hair has fully adjusted to the natural ingredients and is completely detoxed of any nasties that I previously used. It feels softer, stronger and much cleaner and it now last 3-5 days before I need to re-wash it again.

Detox Dynamo is suitable for all hair types and designed to fight the effects of pollution and product build up. This has a very subtle peppermint scent which is not over-bearing at all and leaves your locks smelling delicious after. The natural sugar beet extract conditions the hair, the peppermint extract helps to purify and hydrate and the sorrel leaf helps to cleanse and moisturise. This naturally detoxing and clarifying shampoo deep cleanses your hair like never before. For a fresher feel or if your hair needs an extra boost, you can try it twice and I do find that the product lathers up better the second time round. Noughty use natural detergents derived from coconut instead of SLS in all of their products so you will find this won’t lather as much as other brands but they still leave your hair lovely, clean and super soft.

Intensive Care Leave-In Conditioner

This natural leave-in conditioner helps revive and rejuvenate unruly or damaged hair. Formulated to help even the most over treated hair, this product rescues dry, frizzy hair in need of deep conditioning. The vitamin E used in the formula is an anti-oxidant which helps to protect the hair from environmental stressors and the plant oils assist in boosting the strength of the hair, the smoothness and shine and to reduce split ends and breakages. Super quenching argan oil helps increase hair’s elasticity and its fizz-taming essential fatty acids and shea butter adds a luxe feel with moisturising power to really nourish and protect the hair.

The product has a luxurious scent and a light formula which doesn’t weigh the hair down or leave it feeling greasy or coated afterwards. It leaves my hair soft and moisturised with no sticky residue, plus this even helps to detangle my tatty mane. After washing your hair, you simply apply a small amount to towel dried hair and work through the lengths. Try to avoid the roots but instead focus on the ends to really bring your hair back to life and keep it in great condition. There is no need to rinse any product away, you simply blowdry and style your hair exactly the same as normal.

You can shop Noughty on Amazon, Superdrug or on their online store with all the products priced below £10.


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