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Nowadays people live incredibly busy lives and often you’ll find they don’t have the time, patience or creativity to plan for every single meal in the week. I am guilty of this and although I try my best to meal plan I never stick to it. I am the most indecisive person when it comes to pretty much everything, especially food, so I find it hard to pick what I am having for dinner in advance. When we do our weekly food shop we try and buy as little fresh ingredients as possible to reduce waste. The problem with this is we often have to pop to a shop to pick up a handful of fresh ingredients on the day which is time consuming and can become expensive.

When I initially discovered Gousto I was really excited to give it a go as this was perfect for us and so convenient. If you don’t know what food subscription boxes are then let me bring you up to speed! Essentially you chose how many recipes and how many servings you would like and they deliver all the ingredients you will need straight to your front door. Don’t worry if there won’t be anyone in to accept delivery because they can deliver to a safe place, with the boxes packed with ice packs and biodegradable wool-cool which keep the food cool for up to 24 hours.

Each week a refreshing new menu of 22 nutritious, healthy recipes are added for you to chose from. There is something for everyone including meat, fish and veggie options, with all recipes offering a well balance measure of protein, carbohydrates and vegetables. Each recipe card contains nutritional information and cooking time as well as a easy to follow, step by step guide. There is virtually no waste as every single ingredient has been pre portioned and clearly labelled for each recipe. Only the finest ingredients are selected; with all the vegetables and meat sourced locally from farms in Lincolnshire and all the meat used is 100% British.

What excites me the most about these boxes is that they allow you to try different cuisines that you may not normally get a chance to cook at home. Often exotic recipes can contain several ingredients which are expensive or difficult to source. We’ve come across many authentic recipes that we want to try but the sheer volume of ingredients and the cost to source all of these is just too much for us at the moment. Gousto helps you to discover new dishes, with quick easy recipes, offering a real variety to your diet.

There are currently 6 boxes available:

– 2 recipes for 2 people £27.49

– 2 recipes for 4 people £41.99

– 3 recipes for 2 people £34.99

– 3 recipes for 4 people £51.99

– 4 recipes for 2 people £41.99

– 4 recipes for 4 people £59.99

You can opt for either one off boxes which you just request when needed or you can sign up to a subscription with the option of weekly, fortnightly or monthly boxes. There is no obligation to sign up to a subscription and you can pause or cancel your membership at any time. Although they only offer portions for either 2 people or 4 people at the moment, this would be so cost efficient for a single person, with enough of each meal to have lunch the next day – BONUS!

Understandably, these boxes aren’t going to be financially viable for everyone but I find this is the a healthy, delicious replacement for eating out or having a take away for virtually the same price. Keep an eye on their website as they often have voucher codes so you can sample your first box for half the price to see if this concept is for you!

Have you tried any food subscription boxes?


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