Transitioning to Cruelty Free Beauty

Recently I have decided to make some changes in my lifestyle and one of the biggest decisions I have made is deciding to switch to cruelty free beauty. This is something I have been considering for a while now and now that I have done my own research into the area I know that this is the right choice for me. This may seem a weird choice to some as I am not vegetarian or vegan and nor do I plan to be anytime soon, but since moving in with Gavin, his 2 rescue cats have become my furry adopted children and I can’t bear the thought of anyone deliberately harming them in the name of beauty.

In order for a brand to be deemed cruelty free they must not conduct animal testing during the production of their own products, from the finished product to the ingredients within the product. The company itself must not participate in any testing on animals nor will they commisison a third party to do so on their behalf. All suppliers used by the company will be against animal testing. No animal tests will be conducted when required by law and so products are not available to buy in mainland China where animal testing is mandatory.

By supporting cruelty free companies only and not buying from brands who allow testing on animals we can only hope that one day animal testing is banned in all countries as it is within the EU. I have decided that I will no longer be supporting brands who are yet to take this stance and I have gone through my collection and removed any products which are from brands who aren’t CF. This happened to be about two thirds of my stash so there are some half used products which I have kept which once used up I will not be repurchasing. This is a decision I have made as I have already spent the money and the damage has already been done, and quite simply I do not have the money to replace everything all at once.

After my initial research I have also decided that I will continue to support brands who retain their cruelty free status even when bought out by a parent company who are not deemed as cruelty free. I don’t think its fair to completely abandon a brand for these reasons when their stance hasn’t changed. However, this is very much still a grey area and I think everyone needs to conduct their own personal research first before reaching any conclusions.

So from today, all beauty products featured on this blog will be cruelty free to the best of my knowledge and I will be documenting my journey as I make the transition into a cruelty free beauty regime. While I am at the beginning of my cruelty free journey, I hope if nothing else that this encourages you to make more informed choices and more ethical purchases.


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