My Top 10 Lush Products

It’s no secret that I have a slight obsession with everything to do with Lush. My bath bomb and bubble bar collection is over flowing and I’ve recently started exploring more of their skincare and haircare ranges. Today I thought I would share with you ten of my all-time favourite Lush products.

Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb

My all-time favourite product from Lush which started my love affair with the store has to be Lord of Misrule. When Lush initially released this bath bomb for their Halloween collection back in 2013 I completely fell in love with it. Each year I wait for the collection to launch before stock-piling enough to see me through until the next year. The scent features a spicy blend of patchouli, peppercorn and black pepper, with a subtle hint of vanilla. The masculine notes combined with the soft sweetness are the perfect delight for your senses. The earthy aroma is so calming and relaxing and I love how long this lingers on the skin.

The Comforter Bubble Bar

Coming in at a close second behind Lord of Misrule, you’ll find the supersized bubble bar The Comforter. Crumble under running water to fill your whole bath from top to bottom with velvet soft bubbles. The best part is you can break this up into three or four different baths making this totally worth the price. The bath water turns a vibrant shade of pink which lasts throughout the bath experience as well as the fragrance. The fruity cocktail of cypress oil, bergamot oil and cassis absolute create an uplifting, distinctive scent which is the perfect pick me up after a long day.

Prince Charming Shower Cream

The shower cream’s from Lush are my ultimate favourite and basically all I use now. My obsession began back in 2015 when the opening of Oxford Street bought with it the Comforter and Lord of Misrule shower creams. They leave a gorgeous long-lasting fragrance on the skin, as well as moisturising and leaving skin feeling super soft. I’m a bit of a sucker for a sweet fragrance so when I first heard about Prince Charming from the Valentines collection I couldn’t wait to pick it up. This gorgeous flamingo pink, shimmery cream is fit for royalty. Containing a mixture of marshmallow root, pomegranate juice, and Fair Trade vanilla pod infusion, the scent is truly intoxicating. This feels so luxurious to massage all over the body and energise me for the day ahead! I just wish Lush would make this part of the permanent collection. 

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar 

My favourite product from the Lush Christmas range hands down has to be Candy Mountain. The sweet candy floss and vanilla scent is absolutely mesmerising and lingers on the skin for hours after. When you crumble the bar under running water the texture feels creamy and you only need half a bar to fill you tub with soft, silky bubbles. The bath water turns a soft, pale pink with a gorgeous silvery lustre running through the water without being too overbearing. This product leaves my skin so soft and moisturised afterwards with the only downside being that this is only available seasonally.

Over and Over Bath Bomb

Half ballistic, half bath melt this fruity, aromatic bath treat has shot to the top of my favourites list this year. This little ray of sunshine is filled with cocoa butter, lime and fennel oil with a citrusy kick and shooting out streaks of vibrant pink. It then settles into a bright orange finish carrying the fresh, crisp scent with  it. You can see the swirls of oil on the surface of the water making this highly mositurising and leaving your skin velvet soft.

Tea Tree Water

Tea tree is famous for its many antiseptic qualities and offers a natural solution to help soothe blemished skin and keep it looking clear and refreshed. This toning water can be used throughout the day to keep skin looking fresh as well as being used as a cleanser to remove traces of makeup. With only six essential ingredients, this miracle product is incredible for soothing sensitivity and leaving the skin radiant and revitalised all day long. The grapefruit water is high in vitamins and adds a gentle hint of citrus which helps to remove dirt from the pores without stripping the skin of any natural oils. Juniperberry water is famous for its skin-clearing and oil-controlling properties which help keep skin clean and clear throughout the day. This spray leaves my skin rejuvenated and invigorated and has become my number one handbag staple.

Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub
When it comes to exfoliating I prefer to use a product with a bit more grit to it as I find this really helps clear my skin. Rub Rub Rub can be used a more gentle scrub on wet skin or as a pre-shower scrub on dry skin. Packed full of mineral rich sea salt and organic lemon juice, this product leaves your skin rejuvenated and silky smooth. I suffer from heat rash quite regularly but I find this scrub has an instant cooling effect with the sea salt providing a natural antiseptic. The best thing about this scrub is that it can also be used as a shampoo to wash, volumise and add shine to your locks whilst leaving a subtle citrus scent fragrance which lingers throughout the day.

Cupcake Face Mask
There is never going to be top lush products that doesn’t feature one of their incredible face masks, let’s be honest. Cue Cupcake the fresh face mask featuring: Rhassoul mud and cocoa powder which give a deep cleanse and draw out any impurities; fresh mint which stimulates and tones skin; and linseed and cocoa butter which softens and moisturises.  Apply a generous layer onto your face and neck and leave for about 15 minutes before moving to leave your sking nourished, soft and smooth. This mask smells good enough to eat with a very strong, distinct scent. If you prefer a more subtle scenting product then I would advise against this one.

Full of Grace Serum Bar
Lush’s first and only facial serum bar is full of natural, fresh ingredients which melt into the skin to enhance the complexion. The bar contains a blend of rose oil, blue camomile oil and calamine powder which calm the skin and control greasiness. The murumuru butter blends perfectly with the oils to hydrate the skin without leaving a greasy residue. All the ingredients used in this bar are key to restoring life back into your complexion, and leaving you with baby soft skin. Suitable for dry, oily or combination skin – I wouldn’t be without this little bar of wonder now.

Charity Pot
I think one of my favourite things about Lush as a retailer and a brand is their dedication to their ethics and moral standing. Their products are free from animal testing, handmade and 100% vegetarian. They often have several campaigns on the go but one that you can always support is charity pot. For every pot purchased 100% of the proceeds (minus VAT) are donated to small organisations focusing on environmental conservation, animal welfare and human rights. As well a supporting such fantastic causes, the product itself is one to write home about. For years I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect moisturiser which leaves my skin feeling soft, hydrated and most importantly – not greasy. It absorbs into the skin quickly, leaving no sticky residue and leaves the skin supple and soft. This contains only natural products which are gentle on the skin, with the lack of preservatives making this suitable for all skin types.

So there we have my top 10 favourite Lush products. Which ones are in your top 10?



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