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When it comes to Instagram I follow a lot of accounts but when it comes to my feed I find most of the time I am just scrolling through without really seeing much that inspires me. Recently, I have started to lose interest in sifting through the tons of images hitting my feed each day and there a handful of people whose feeds I regularly check for new posts and updates. Each feed is different and unique in its own way and today I thought I would share with you some of my personal favourites.

Ellie Mack
If your after some serious fashion inspiration then Ellie is most definitely your gal. Her feed is very clean and minimalistic but her wardrobe is seriously one to envy. From stripes to suede to cosy knits she really knows how to pull off pretty much everything she wears. I love the simple white background she uses in her photos with the focus on chic accessories matched with killer outfits. I’ll take one of everything in her wardrobe please!

Freddy Cousin Brown
I only recently discovered Freddy’s blog and Instagram but when I did it was pretty much love at first sight. Her photography is absolutely stunning and I love the girly, cute frosty pink theme used throughout her feed. Her style is simple yet elegant and she has nailed the effortless, chic style every girl dreams of. If your a big fan of florals and rose gold accessories…which let’s be honest who isn’t? Then her feed is most definitely one for you!

Alice Anne
Alice is one of the first people I met through my blog and little did I know back then that we would go on to become such good friends. We don’t get to see each other as much now that I have finished University and moved back home, but I love seeing what she’s up to and what new products she’ trying. She’s my go to beauty guru but I love that there is a real variety of beauty, fashion and lifestyle on her feed. When she’s not at Mettrick’s you can usually find her exploring the beautiful Southampton or lusting over penguins.

Lucy Radwell
I have followed Lucy from the very beginning and its wonderful to see how much she has grown and how her style has evolved. She has the most gorgeous figure and can pretty much pull off any style especially with those killer pins that I pine for on a daily basis. She is my go to girl if I need inspiration for a night out or special event as she looks flawless in pretty much everything she wears! Plus her shoe game is enough to make even Kylie Jenner jealous!

Jennifer is one of my favourite beauty bloggers and I have been following her pretty much since I started my own blog. Her photography is minimalistic, clean and simple but with such an attention to detail that all her photographs are simply stunning. Her feed has such an artistic and crisp feel to it I pretty much check it daily to make sure I don’t miss any stunning snaps! Plus she’s your go to girl for all the lowdown on the latest launches!

There are so many people I follow for so many different reasons who all inspire me in some way or another, these are just some of my favourites! You should definitely go give them a follow and make sure you leave some of your favourites in the comments below for me to check out!


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