My Top Lush Bath Products

If you have followed my blog for a while you will know that a have a huge teeny tiny obsession with Lush. I’m pretty sure I have well over 50 bath bombs (that’s not even an over exaggeration)! So today I thought I would talk you through some of my absolute favourite bath products.

The Comforter bubble bar is one of my all time favourites as I find the scent both comforting and calming. The bergamot oil and cassis absolute combine to make a bubblegum like scent which lingers on the skin. I find you can break this up and use stretch its life due to its size. Ultraviolet is another bubble bar-this time from their 2015 Mother’s Day collection. The bar features a combination of Ylang Ylang oil, Violet Leaf, Jasmine Absolute and Rosewood creating a very natural, floral scent. I find this to be so uplifting and relaxing and I am absolutely heartbroken I have no more.. *sobs*. Maybe Lush will bring it back next year!!

Next up are a bath bomb and a bubble bar from their 2015 Valentines range. It was love at first use with the Floating Flower bath bomb… so much so I ran out and purchased about 10 of these before the collection was discontinued! The bomb itself has a heavy Jasmine aroma and it looks stunning as it floats around the surface of your bath in a swirl of pinks, blues, yellows and greens. The scent lasts the entire time and your skin feels incredibly nourished and soft afterwards. Unicorn Horn is on everyone’s favourites list I am sure because of its aesthetically pleasing appearance. The bar has a subtle Lavender scent which is not overpowering in the slightest and it works wonders on your body and mind creating a calming and soothing experience.

Butterbear Ballistic is from their Christmas collection and has a rich vanilla scent with a slight hint of chocolate. Although this bomb is one of the smaller one’s lush have released, it is designed to add extra essential oils and butter to the skin to provide deep moisture. The cocoa butter softens the water leaving your skin super nourished for such an affordable price. Candy Mountain has a gorgeous vanilla, candy-floss like scent which perfectly satisfies my sweet tooth. The scent lingers on the skin for hours and the melt turns your bath into a pink princess bath filled to the brim with soft, fluffy bubbles. I love how cleansed and silky soft my skin feels afterwards…its just a shame this is only available for such a short amount of time each year.

Finally my last favourite is the old school Granny Takes a Dip ballistic before it was changed into a bubble bar. I love the vivid layers of colour and the unique peppery, lemon scent which reminds me slightly of sherbet. This bomb is so dramatic to watch-swirling around creating a vivid rainbow of pattern and foam with it lasting around ten minutes before completely fizzing out.

It upsets me that most of my favourite bath products are now discontinued or only around for a few weeks a year. But, once I have used up my mammoth sized collection, I am excited to try out some new pieces and discover some new favourites which are easier to get hold of.



    • May 24, 2016 / 10:38 pm

      Yes unfortunately it is but I would highly recommend one. The basket is from the Range. xx

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