My Under £50 Cruelty Free Make-up Bag

When I first made the decision to become completely cruelty free one the only daunting prospect I had was the cost element. Replacing one product can be quite costly, but replacing 2/3 of your makeup essentials is just not something that I could afford to do. I wanted to transition as much as possible into cruelty free alternatives as quickly as possible, but there was some stuff I simply couldn’t afford to replace straight away. This is where the idea for today’s post came in.

Becoming cruelty free is so much easier that people think. Most brands list their stance on their website and if not, with a little bit of digging around on the tinternet you can easily find what you want to know. I tend to follow the policy that if a brand is being shady regarding their stance, chances are they have something to hide and so I just don’t bother with them. Being cruelty free is something you should be proud of and brands should be willing to shout this from the rooftops! If not then I suspect there are some dodgy dealings going on behind closed doors and they`re the kind of brands I want nothing to do with.

I haven’t mentioned my cruelty free journey on my blog or social media much because I worry about the comments I will get as I am not vegan or vegetarian and people can be very judgemental. Well this is about to change because every small step is victory in this giant battle to ban animal testing. If me sharing my journey can help only one other person decide to make more informed decisions about the products they`re using then that in itself is amazing! Banning animal testing is a fight which isn’t going to be won overnight, but each day more and more people are making the change and it’s a lot easier than you may think.

Today I’ve opted to share with you my under £50 makeup essentials. As these are my personal essentials these are the basics I use whenever I wear a full face of makeup. I don’t wear makeup to work everyday because ya girl likes to sleep and I can barely string a sentence together at 7am let alone apply a full face of makeup without looking like Harley Quinn on a bad day. But I’ve included all my staple products and my current favourites which I’ve been using.


For base I start with my regular skincare routine and then I like to go in with a silicon based primer. I’ve tried quite a few and found them to be quite drying but The Ordinary High Adherence Silcone Primer is mattifying without drying out the skin, creating the perfect base on which to apply your makeup. This reduces my visible pores and evens out my skin ready for makeup application and for £4 its an absolute steal. Foundation was the one product I struggled with as I had about 5 fail safe options and not a single one was CF. I picked up The Ordinary Serum Foundation after seeing so many people raving about it and I haven’t looked back since. I normally have quite good skin so I look for a lighter-medium coverage which is buildable and leaves the skin dewy as oppose to completely matte. This ticks all the boxes and it is easily buildable to a fuller coverage although if you are looking for something with more coverage than the Coverage Foundation is probably your safer option.

Next step is concealer and if you haven’t heard of the Revolution Conceal and Define then you must be living under a rock. Dubbed a dupe of the Tarte Shape Tape which everyone raves about, this tube of goodness will only set you back £4 and its a complete game changer. Concealer is not something I splurge on, I have never tried a single one which wasn’t drug store because I’d rather spend on corrector’s but with this concealer, I don’t even need to use a corrector. This concealer has insane coverage, brightening up my eyes and making me look just generally more alive. This is one of those products that deserves all the crazy hype its receiving. The last step of my routine is to set everything with powder. At the moment I am using the Revolution Banana Powder which blends out into a perfect smooth finish and really brightens up my skin.


For cheeks I did cheat a little here by including a palette which has it all in one but I am not really big on a fully contoured look on myself and so I don’t really tend to use too much product on this area. I usually opt for a little bronzer to warm up my skin and then a flush of colour on the cheeks. The Revolution Golden Sugar Blush Palette has a little bit of everything depending on what you are looking for! There are 4 baked blushers to choose from which create the most gorgeous subtle wash to the cheeks with one sweep, but can easily be built up to a more vibrant look. There are two baked highlighters which again can be worn everyday or built up for a more glamorous look and there are two bronzers: a matte powder and a more shimmery option. I love how versatile this palette is as it can be used for more laid back everyday looks and built up for a night on the town. This is my go to when I am travelling as it is so compact and has so many different options to chose from.


When it comes to eyes I don’t ever opt for anything fancy as everytime I attempt any kind of eye look I just end up looking like a Panda. For my everyday look I add a quick wash of colour to my lids, a quick line around the eyes and then finish with lashings of mascara. For an affordable eye look the Collection Eyes Uncovered palettes are insanely pigmented with a crazy price tag to match. Each palette features 6 shades which are highly pigmented, super buttery and blend out like an absolute dream. I was so shocked at what incredible quality these are for the price and they have a range of different shades to choose from. For liner I prefer a pencil liner as I can smoke this out with a liner brush and I find it a lot easier to guide and control then a liquid. At the moment I am using one from Kiko as they have are so affordable and they have a crazy amount of colours on offer too. Finally to finish I add lashings of mascara which is probably the product I am most fussiest about. I hate it when your lashes clump together and look like spiders legs, I prefer a lighter formula making my lashes fan out. I curl each side for about 15 seconds with my trusty Primark lash curlers before adding two coats of the Elf Mineral Infused Mascara to make my lashes look thicker and full of volume. I don’t have a bad word to say about this product – it ticks all the boxes for me, leaving my lashes clump free and defined!


Now for lips I really struggled to whittle it down as I have so many different options so I wanted to include two formulas depending on what you prefer – a liquid lipstick and a solid lipstick bullet, as well as a lip liner. I get all my lip liners from Kiko because you can pick them up for less than £3, the shade range is amazing, they have incredible colour pay off and they last for ages. Sometimes I just fill my lips with a liner, add a coat of clear gloss and head out because they are just so pigmented you don’t need something over the top. When I do want something over the top I usually opt for a liquid lipstick and my current favourite is the Primark … which comes in a range of different shades and dries down to a matte finish. For £2 this has amazing staying power and is totally budge proof. Plus the colour is absolutely perfect for Spring!

My current favourite lipstick is the Wet n Wild Mega Last Matte Lip Cover in Cherry Bomb which Alice actually gave to me after a holiday to Spain. This is not a brand that is easily accessible for us folk in the UK but if you do ever stumble across them I highly recommend picking up some bits to try. This lipstick has incredible staying power lasting through eating, drinking, you name it! I have the shade Cherry Bomb which I was initially worried would bleed all over the place but that is not the case. Once this is on, its there to stay and you barely need to touch it up through-out the day.

So there we have my under £50 cruelty free make up bag! It doesn’t cost the earth to buy cruelty free you just need to be a bit more informed before purchasing. Head to Superdrug if you find yourself really struggling as they have a fantastic range of cruelty free brands including their own range B.



  1. May 21, 2018 / 9:25 pm

    I’ve been cruelty free in my skincare for a while now, and this is gradually creeping into my makeup – I’ve basically made the decision to only replace products with CF alternatives and to be honest, the only thing I really run out of often is foundation and I am REALLY struggling with this. Like you I have heard a lot about The Ordinary products so I think I’ll definitely be giving the foundation a go 🙂

    • tanya
      May 22, 2018 / 7:44 pm

      I am doing the same as you – only replacing products with CF alternatives and I’ve really enjoyed exploring some new brands. I’ve only tried a handful of their stuff but the foundation is amazing and it’s a total bargain!


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