New York Diary Day 1

I couldnt believe it when we finally arrived right in the middle of all the hustle and bustle of New York City. We arrived late Monday night and quickly dropped the bags off before heading out for a wander and dinner. We stayed at the Crowne Plaza in Times Square and our room was on the 22nd floor so the views were pretty spectacular. After a quick bite to eat it was straight to bed for a long of sightseeing.

Tuesday was our first full day in the city and we had planned to hit the Empire State Building first. We had bought citi-passes which allowed us one visit in the daytime and then another in the evening so we could see the spectacular views twice. We stopped at a cute diner called Jimmy’s for breakfast where we filled our tummys with waffles, pancakes and sweet syrup and then our journey began. When we arrived I was blown away at how tall the building was and very anxious that I would soon be walking around the 86th floor but excitement outweighed this fear and after a short wait we were in the elevator on the way up. First stop was the 80th floor where the ‘Dare to Dream’ exhibition was being held detailing the history and construction of the building itself. Next another quick elevator to the 86th floor open-air observation deck. From here you have a 360-degree view of the whole city, you can literally see everything: the Chrysler building, Brooklyn bridge and even the tiny spot which houses the Statute of Liberty. The views were breathtaking, you could literally see for miles and after battling my way to the front of the deck I was in awe of how beautiful the city looked. This was a must see for me and I was not disappointed at all. The final stop during the daytime visit was the 102nd floor top deck where the views are just astounding and you can even see the whole of Central Park from here in its entirety. The deck is windowed the whole way round so I didn’t manage to get many pictures due to the glare of the sunshine but the images are forever cemented in my memory! There are just no words to describe how incredible the view of the city is from here.

Now we had some time to kill before the evening visit so next stop was Macy’s which is conveniently a two minute walk from the Empire State Building. This had absolutely every brand you could dream of! Clothes, shoes, bags, cosmetics – some of the most incredible pieces I have ever laid my eyes on. I would have loved to splurge on some of the incredible items but unfortunately this wasn’t within my budget. However I did pick up a gorgeous Kate Spade 17th month diary which is be-a-utiful and I am absolutely obsessed with! Next stop was Sephora which was again on the hit list. Its safe to say me and my Mum spent forever in here looking at all the different products available, new brands we hadn’t heard of, the deluxe sample collection everything was so shiny and I wanted it all!! Now I did pick up quite a lot as this wasn’t my only trip to a Sephora but I will be doing a separate haul so keep an eye out for that!

We stopped back at the hotel to drop the bags off and then went out for dinner at a gorgeous family-run Italian restaurant a few minutes walk from Times Square called Trattoria Trecolor. We were served bread and olives upon being seated and the bread was freshly baked and still warm and moist it was beautiful. We skipped starters and went straight for mains. I chose the Salmone alla Contadina which was salmon fillet sautéed with sun-dried tomatoes in a white wine sauce with fresh vegetables. My mouth is watering just thinking about how incredible this was: without a doubt the best place I ate in NYC by miles!

After eating ourselves into a food coma we began the walk back to the Empire State Building a lot slower then before. The queues were a lot shorter this time as the sun had only just set and the wind had picked up quite a lot. We skipped the 80th floor as we saw this earlier and went straight to the open-air observation deck. I thought New York was beautiful in the daytime but at night its breathtaking. You could see lights everywhere they went on for miles it really highlighted for me how busy the city really was as there was literally no street in darkness! We stayed up here for quite a bit gazing in awe at everything before walking home for a quick sleep ahead of another busy day sightseeing.

Tanya Noreen XO

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