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Bath & Body Works is one of those places that everybody raves about. When reading up on where to go shopping and essentials to pick up, their pocketbacs where mentioned in literally every post I read so as soon as we walked in I made a beeline for this stand. They were on offer 5 for $5 so of course I had to get 5 but the hardest part was choosing only 5 as the scents available were incredible…I must’ve spent a good hour sniffing each one and making sure I didn’t miss any! I went for quite citrusy, fresh scents as I prefer these in Winter but I couldn’t leave without the vanilla berry sorbet which smells insanely good. If your ever around a Bath and Body Works I would 100% recommend picking some of these up as there such a bargain and so handy just to throw in your handbag.

I also picked up a couple of items from their True Blue Spa collection including the body cream and hand cream. I have to say the hand cream is slightly greasier than I would like but the smell just distracts me from this flaw and the body cream is so luxurious and thick, it leaves my skin feeling so smooth and silky and it smells absolutely divine. Finally I picked up a mini of the Wild Madagascar Vanilla Eau de Parfum as I just thought this was so cute and perfect for travelling or throwing into a clutch for a night out! The scent is not as sweet as you’d expect but very sensual and feminine just what I go for!

EOS balms are so hyped about as soon as I spotted them at the tills I popped these two straight into my basket. They smell so incredible and so far so good! I love that they are organic and natural so I’m not slathering any harmful formulas on my lips and they provide the perfect amount of moisture for these colder days, I just wish I picked up more of these! I also wish I picked up more of the compact, Wet’ N ‘ Wild Colour Icon eyeshadows as these are so pigmented and have long staying power plus they are such a bargain and there are so many different colours to chose from. I will definitely be picking up more of these when I can. 

The last few items I was introduced by Amelia Liana in some of her haul videos. Jergens was a brand I wanted to try and I’ve head such good reviews about this bb body cream I had to grab one when I spotted it on the shelves. I also picked up a couple of the NYX Butter glosses in ‘Cherry Pie’ and ‘Strawberry Parfait’. I’m still undecided about these so I will keep you updated when I make my mind up but they smell divine: if you love sweet treats like me these are perfect for you! 

So that’s everything I picked up from the drugstore, watch this space for my mahoosive Sephora haul!

Tanya Noreen XO


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