Finding The Perfect Summer Dress

Personal style is something you’re either born with or you’re not. I fall into the latter category and I’ve spent 27 years jumping on every single trend in an attempt to be super chic and stylish (and failing). What it really boils down to is I never really found my fashion confidence and this is something that I need to find before I can develop my own sense of personal style. This Summer I really streamlined my wardrobe and stripped it right back to the basics. I opted for pieces which I feel really comfortable in, which have kept me cool during the heatwave, and which have helped make me look super stylish with little to no effort. I invested in a couple of key pieces to see me through and then styled these up with different accessories to give my outfits a different look or feel. This is something I plan to do for the coming Autumn/ Winter season to get maximum use out of my wardrobe.

One thing I have noticed recently that fashion blogging as I know it seems to have died a death. Back in 2014 when I first started my blog, sharing your outfits was the done thing! You would get your Mum to snap a couple of pics of you in the garden and then share your outfit online with everything you are wearing and where it was from and that was it. Nowadays this has moved to Instagram with ‘influencers’ shooting with professional photographers once a week in the dreamiest locations and constantly showcasing a stream of new in and recently purchased outfits.

None of this is me! I mean firstly I live in Reading which is a bit of a dive and so photogenic locations are all but non existent. Secondly, despite the fact I’ve been blogging for 4 years, I can barely shoot in manual as I just don’t understand Aperture and ISO and all that fancy lingo – I’m technologically challenged shall we say and Gavin isn’t much better. So that leaves me wondering where do I go from here? I don’t have the time to be shooting new outfits constantly nor do I have the income to supplement this lifestyle. I don’t have any friends who are pro-photographers and I have about two poses where I don’t look like a potato in a sack and that’s about it.

So I’m taking it back to old school where I’m just gonna show you my favourite outfits – what I am wearing and why I styled it that way. I want to share how I keep up with the trends without spending a fortune, what pieces I chose to splurge on and what I save on, and most importantly how to feel confident in whatever you wear. So I am kicking things off with my favourite purchase of this year so far – the summer dress of my dreams! In recent years I have gravitated towards midi dresses which is probably more to do with my age than anything else, but I find because of my height the style really suits me. I love everything about this dress – the cut, the colour, the pattern – it’s perfect in every way. The flutter sleeves, plunge neck and modest slits add a touch of femininity and the tie around the waist really helps to accentuate the figure. I styled with a trusty basket bag and some simple sandals for a casual daytime look but you could easily dress up for a night out or a Summer wedding. This was a little bit of an investment at £45 but I am going to get so much wear out of this and I know it will last for years to come.

Although this year we’ve had an unusual bout of sunshine, normally we see about 3 weeks of hot weather a year here in the UK so when choosing to invest in a Summer dress I wanted to make sure I picked something that could work in the sweltering sunshine but also on the milder days. Just because it`s Summer doesn’t mean you can only wear short dresses and I think this style is very feminine and chic without flashing too much flesh. I like the simple and classic design which will last through the seasons so I can wear this year in, year out. The style really flatters my body type and I felt so comfortable and carefree when wearing it. I’m not particularly girly as I usually opt for trousers over skirts and dresses but as soon as I tried this on it was love at first. Just like finding the right man, when you find the right summer dress you just know.


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