Sanctuary Spa Cleansing Oil

Sanctuary Spa is a brand that I have never really explored but have only ever heard good things about. I am really into my indulgent products at the moment and I when I walked past the stand in boots I couldn’t help but stop to have a little nosy. After some research I discovered that Sanctuary Spa are actually one of the leading brands in the UK for their facial oils and indulgent body care. They describe their products as ‘Spa in a jar’ – created with their spa therapists, they are packed full of rich butters, precious oils and their iconic fragrance. I really like the idea of oil cleansers and I have only ever tried one in the past which I hated the scent of, so I decided to pick up their Ultimate Cleansing Oil to try as my current cleanser is about to run out.

Cleansing is the first and possibly the most important step in any skincare routine. Even if you don’t wear make-up everyday you still need to wash your face as it would have accumulated dirt and dust which you do not want to clog up your pores. You especially should not sleep with make-up on as I have learnt that you age two days for every night that you leave your makeup on…TWO DAYS – nobody wants that! This oil is designed for all skin types and is described to ‘melt away daily dirt and make-up in moments’. You apply one to two pumps to dry skin and massage into the face before adding water which emulsifies the oil turning it into a milk. I spend a few minutes really massaging this in which is amazing for the skin as oils are so nourishing. Afterwards you rinse away and this leaves your skin soft, clean and glowing without that sticky, greasy residue. The scent is so subtle you almost can’t notice it but its a very fresh, citrus smell which is very relaxing.

I was amazed at how fast this oil works, melting away my make-up pretty much instantly. The oil breaks down the make-up so much quicker and there is no taught feeling or dryness afterwards, you skin feels so nourished and healthy. The cleanser is infused with a special blend of four oils which is so gentle on the skin yet so effective. It effortlessly removes the daily grime and impurities leaving your skin incredibly clean and fresh. Plus its only £12 for 150ml which will last you a decent amount of time as you only need one pump per use. I’ve been using mine everyday for the last three weeks and it barely looks like i’ve used it at all.

Have you tried a cleansing oil before?


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