5 Netflix Original Binge Worthy Boxsets

Box sets are my jam and I love nothing more than coming home from work, jumping on the sofa with a bunch of snacks and settling down for a good few hours in front of Netflix. In the last few months I’ve made my way through several shows that I have really enjoyed so I thought I would put together a list of my current Netflix recommendations.


This eight part gritty crime drama will have you hooked from the first episode. Follow Tom Delaney anxiously search for his missing daughter after discovering her and her boyfriend have both gone missing after a party. Follow the twists and turns through this intricately, layered puzzle to get to the bottom of this mystery but be warned, everybody has a secret they are hiding!


A reboot of the classic prime tv soap, follow the Carrington’s and the Colbys as the fued over their fortunes and their children reaches breaking point. In the first two episode’s alone there is a cat fight, a wedding, an explosion and a funeral and the fireworks do not stop there. Each episode leaves you on a cliffhanger wanting more as you follow these rich kids behaving badly.


Imagine Gossip Girl with a dark, gritty twist and you’ve got Riverdale. The first season is essentially a whodunnit as you follow the members of Riverdale through this emotionally charged drama to finally find who killed Jason Blossom. Series two has even more twists and turns with sudden acts of shocking violence that leave the members or Riverdale living with the constant threat and fear.

Black Mirror

A science fiction anthology focusing on controversial issues, specially focusing on our dependency on technology. A frightening twist on reality that you can really imagine becoming true, making each episode slightly more real. Each episode features new stories, settings and characters keeping in tone with the anthology approach. A great dystopian programme sending a haunting message of what could be to come.


Another dystopian thriller based in the future, where all candidates over 20 must fight to secure their place on an elite island paradise but only 3% will survive. Imagine Elysium combined with the Hunger Games and you’ve got 3%. A unique plot with complex characters and an evolving storyline, just make sure you switch to Portuguese with English subtitles because the dubbing really takes away from the show.

Next on my list are The Alienist, Sense 8, Stranger Things and The Staircase.

 What’s on your to be watched list?


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