Starskin Foaming Peel Perfection Puff

Starskin® is not a brand I had ever heard of before. That is, until I received two products in the Selfridges Summer beauty box last year. After a little research I discovered they are a skincare brand originating from the Netherlands and specialising in bio-cellulose sheet masks and nourishing body treatments. The foaming peel perfection puff is part of their soft peeling program which actually won the 2016 Beauty Shortlist Awards for best exfoliant. I have found that most exfoliating scrubs and peels I have tried are far too harsh on my skin and often leave it feeling red raw, dehydrated and irritated. This AHA infused puff is a real game changer and exactly what I have been looking for.

The puff comes sealed in a metallic packet which you rip open, add a splash of water and lather up before using on the face. The puff itself is infused with carrot, broccoli, turnip and tomato extracts which gently buff away dead skin cells leaving a glowing complexion. After a couple of seconds a rich lather is created which helps to gently slough away dead skin and impurities leaving an even, brighter skin tone. The sponge is not rough or abrasive at all and although you can feel that it is doing something, it is not painful or irritating. The sponge is actually designed for three uses – although you could probably stretch it for a few more. For hygiene reasons alone replaced mine after the recommended three uses.

You can pick these up from Selfridges or ASOS and they are so affordable at only £7, plus they keep pretty well so you don’t have to worry about using them within a few days. I use this puff about once a week to really clear my pores out and even up my skin tone and afterwards it feels like I’ve had a facial from the comfort of my own home. Starskin have a variety of different products in the range including a foot mask, hand masks and eye masks. I will definitely be picking some of these up with my next order. Have you tried any of the glowstar range?



    • May 24, 2016 / 10:37 pm

      They are definitely worth trying such a good price too! xx

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