The Anti-Haul

Fashion blogging is something I have known about and followed for years despite not starting my blog until 2014. When I first started fashion blogging wasn’t high end editorial snaps with the latest Chanel Bag or Valentino Shoes, it was snapping outfit shots in your bedroom or back garden with a tripod or a disgruntled family member. It was a place to look to for inspiration and tips on what to wear and how to style the different trends. It was relatable and most of all it was enjoyable.

Fast forward to 2017 and the blogging world has evolved and come on leaps and bounds. The content some bloggers are putting out is absolutely insane and the hard work and originality of these people has finally been recognised and rewarded. With these natural developments, Ive seen an increase in the designer hauls and luxury items being styled which quite frankly are out of my price range. I am not bitter or jealous in anyway, kudos to you if you can afford these kind of luxuries, its just that I myself prefer to splurge on experiences and travelling rather than materialistic things. That’s not to say I haven’t considered maxing out the credit card for a Chloe Faye because quite frankly who hasn’t? It’s just for me in my life right now designer gear just isn’t feasible.

In a world where some would argue fashion blogging has become saturated I am loving the influx of people sharing their outfits of the day, their adaptions of the latest trends, and their attainable personal style for the world to see. Not everyone has fancy equipment and a best friend who is also a sick photographer and so you have to make it work with what you’ve got and what’s within your budget. In the spirit of combating consumerism today I am trialing the concept of an anti-haul. As the name suggests instead of running through a bunch of stuff that I have recently bought I am going to talk you through some of the things that I am NEVER going to buy.

Sliders  – Slides are like marmite you even love them or hate them and I for one absolutely detest them. If your poolside and need something that you can slip on and off quickly then fine but for ALL other occasions these are just a no. You may as well just wear your slippers outside instead of buying a new pair. Although there is one thing worse than the holographic, embellished, faux fur slides that are making the rounds at the moment…fluffy ones!

Lace Up Trousers – There’s a big difference between being provocative and just being damn right distasteful and unfortunately for me these teeter on the side of the latter. If your off to a fancy dress party as a call girl then chuck on a leather pair and your good to go, but for any other occasion don’t even think about it.

Underboob Anything – Girls, girls, girls…what the fuck happened to less is more? It looks like you either had a fight with a pair of scissors and lost or bought a bikini two sizes too small. Its not sexy and its definitely not cute so please for the love of god cover yourselves up. I’m all for flaunting what you’ve got but not if this means your practically working around naked.

Frill Hem Trousers – I am all for a bit of frill and I am loving the pleated, fluted and ruffled sleeves that are all over the high street at the moment. What I am not loving is the frill hem trousers which seem to be cropping up here, there and everywhere! A trend thats set to be with us through till Winter, I’d rather a straight leg cigarette trouser every day of the week.

Kitten Heels – It is universally accepted in the fashion world that kitten heels are just not acceptable in any shape or form. They are unflattering, frumpy and completely outdated. They keep trying to make a comeback and now and then you’ll see them start popping up all over the high-street, but they never catch on and I doubt they ever will.


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